About Us

We have been publishing Photography online since the early days of the internet. I built my first personal website in 1996 and started working our our first stock library website, OzImages soon after. These days we operate under the banner of GlobalEye Photography Marketing, and we’ve created multiple stock libraries, personal and business photo-blogs and numerous speciality websites and services.

Quite early on we noticed a lot of operators selling a lot of photographers some very elaborate and expensive website packages… usually with overprice hosting and management fees piled on top… that they really didn’t need. By the time their websites were running, these photographers were so invested that they couldn’t walk away, even though these sites rarely made them any money.

Photographer-Friendly Web Hosting

We originally set up PhotoWebHost in 2004 to offer various hosting services to our photographers at wholesale prices. We also tried to help photographers navigate the many options and get themselves a web platform that actually worked for them.. all the features and function they needed, without all the fluff, and at a price they could afford.

Hosting prices have come down considerably in recent years, so we no longer provide our own hosting services. Instead we find it far more efficient to give you info on the available options and some current deals on offer, so you can choose a host that suits your specific needs.

We do maintain a reseller account for Domain Registrations though, and we do ask that you consider using that service if possible, to help us offset the cost of maintaining this website.

We’ve set the prices to the lowest level allowed, so you will find they’re very competitive!

There is clearly still a need for simple, actionable information for photographers who want a website, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it or devote every waking hour to working on it. So that’s now our main focus.

Over the years we’ve also published a number of training packages and guides to help those photographers wanting to develop and promote their own websites. Some of those packages were commercial offerings, others were created for our Members only, and others were free for anyone interested. You’ll now find most of those same resources available here, for free, to help you with your own website project.

Photographers Helping Photographers

This website has been a bit neglected over the last couple of years but with your support I am hopeful we can revive it. We’ve got a lot of active hosting customers still, plus quite an audience of people who have used our training materials in the past, so I’m hoping we can refocus our efforts to develop a community of like-minded photographers, willing to help each other on this creative journey.

Time will tell I guess, but if you think you might like to be a part of this, please start by simply expressing your interest.

Subscribe for our Monthly News Digest, leave your comments on the various posts and pages, and keep an eye out for the Community Features we’ll be activating shortly!

If the support is there, we’ll keep working on this site, adding new training and downloads, and further developing the community aspects. In the long run my I really don’t want to be the only voice talking here! I’d much rather hand this over to other photographers who are prepared to share their ideas and experiences.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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